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Aanraakverlichtingskit voor videovergaderen op laptops

Model: KF34.028

The second one that I bought.
This product has really impressed me! I wanted a lighting solution for video chats but didn't want a ring light - I have glasses so the ring light looks a bit weird in the reflection. I found this product and I'm very happy with my purchase. The thing that stood out to me the most was how bright it could get (sometimes too bright - but this is easily adjusted with the touch controls). The mounting mechanism is very intuitive and easily adjusted if need be. I really liked the optional colour filters included - my favourite was the orange as it reduces the strain on my eyes. The only slight downside is that it cannot be operated while charging - however, the battery life is amazing and charges are quick so this is almost a none issue. Overall this is defiantly a worthwhile purchase to easily increase your video chat quality!