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M8 UHF draadloze Lavalier-microfoon voor videocamera en camcorder

4.7 113 beoordeling(en) KF10.002
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80,99€ 109,99€ 26% OFF
&Gratis verzending naar Netherlands, Belgium
  • Merk: K&F Concept
  • Koop K&F Concept m8 uhf draadloze lavalier-microfoon voor videocamera en camcorder online, gratis verzending en 30 dagen retourgarantie.
  • KF10.002
  • Model: KF10.002
  • 80.99
  • • Deze microfoon is geschikt voor professionele fotografie, video-opname, nieuwsverslaggeving, lezingen en andere gelegenheden; Draadloze transmissieafstand (zonder obstakels) kan oplopen tot 100 meter.
  • • Lichtgewicht, de ontvanger en zender zijn beide slechts 85 g, gemakkelijk te dragen en dragen het lichaam.
  • • Gebruikt UHF-frequentieband en complexe storingsvrije schakeling, en 6 vooraf ingestelde kanalen zijn beschikbaar; Met een sterke anti-interferentiemogelijkheid kunnen meer dan 4 sets apparaten gelijktijdig worden gebruikt zonder wederzijdse interferentie.
  • • Maakt gebruik van WNCR-ruisbeheersingstechnologie, met extreem lage bodemruis, echte geluidsreductiedetails; Past het regelsysteem van de geluidsklep toe, met automatische demping als er geen signaal is.
  • • Gebruik AA-batterijen, levensduur van de batterij tot 15 uur. (Opmerking: batterij zijn niet inbegrepen)
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Draadloze fotografische en opnamemicrofoon
3.44” (8.74cm)
Werkafstand tot 70 M zonder barrière, licht en portable
Gebruikt in verschillende gelegenheden, zoals film- en televisie-opnamen, nieuwsvergaring en rocording, etc. Lichtgewicht, handig voor transport en gebruik. Geschikt voor camcorders, DSLR-camera's en gemakkelijk en snel te monteren.
Lattice LCD-display, hoge resolutie Geef de datum duidelijker weer.
Ingebouwde knop
Voorkom onzorgvuldig aanraken, voorkom verkeerde bediening.
Super uithoudingsvermogen
Levensduur batterij: 15-20 uur voor nieuwe batterij. (Batterij niet inbegrepen)
WNCR Noise Control-technologie Heeft extreem weinig ruis
Werkafstand 70m
Draadloze werkafstand kan oplopen tot 70 meter, geschikt voor een verscheidenheid aan binnen- en buitentoepassingen.
Compound anti-interferentie
Gebruik UHF-frequentieband, DPLL digitale frequentiebesturingstechnologie is aangenomen.
M-8T zender
Riem clip
Boot-type Conn ector
Gebruikt om MIC- of AUX-signalen in te voeren
Beoordelingen (113)
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For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended.
As my old wireless lavalier system broke down, I order this K&F M8 system without know very well if his quality is good, as it is cheap. I have a very good surprise, the build is good, the packaging is beautiful but the most important to me is there, the noise level is really very low, almost no hiss and it works very well under a 50 meters distance. Also, during the tests I had no kind of interference in the signal, ever if I use my mobile phone close to it.The box come with the transmitter unit and the receiver unit, also with a lavalier microphone with enough cable length to be used by an actor. Also came with a cable link to connect the receiver to the camera, a hot shoe adapter for camera, a direct microphone without cable that can be attached directly to the transmitter and instructions manual.First I tested it with lavalier in a short interview, it works great. Also tested it with a professional NTG-2 R0DE shotgun microphone and also worked great. Another test I made is connect the R0DE microphone to a DSLR audio adapter, and then connect the output of audio adapter to the M8 transmitter “AUX” input. At also works great, one can use XLR professional microphones and then transmit the audio to the camera via the K&F M8 system, without any kind of noise or interference.Both receive and transmitter unit have a channel selector where you can choose between 6 different channels. Receiver also have a “MIC/AUX” selector, here you can select to use a direct microphone or a DSLR/Camera audio mixer/adapter. Receiver unit have a two buttons to change the audio lever to camera input.Both receiver and transmitter unit works with two AA cells, not included, due amazon delivery restrictions. I use AA rechargeable cells that lasts for two days of normal work.The LCD of both units displays the battery level, channel and volume level in receiver unit.Both receiver and transmitter unit came with a clip to use in the belt.I tested this K&F M8 with Leica SL camera, R0DE NTG-2, also with a R0DE lavalier and with a R0DE M2 professional Condenser Microphone. Also tested using a Marantz PMD-602A 2-channel DSLR Audio Interface.For a cheap system works really very well, comparable to other pro sets that costs more than 500 USD. Highly recommended.
For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended. For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended. For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended. For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended. For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended.
Awesome purchase
This is such a great item. I wanted this wireless mic for a while now but couldn’t really afford it and instead spent on some cheap versions. Lucky day for me, I managed to sell some old camera accessories and made the money to buy this which is absolutely amazing. The sound is perfect and the volume is easy to setup. You need few batteries to get started but apart from that is quite straight forward. Brilliant item.
Awesome purchase Awesome purchase Awesome purchase
Budget friendly lavalier microphone
 My daughter needs a budget friendly lavalier microphone to prepare her film project, so I go for this because of good reviews here. The lavalier microphone arrived in good package and in good made. It is really easy to use and can be set up in minutes even if you are not a professional. The sound quality is good and with long pickup distance. My daughter used it over a week without any complain on. A bargain at this price.
Budget friendly lavalier microphone Budget friendly lavalier microphone
Very profesional.
The product itself is well made from quality components that fit together solidly and it all comes in a well designed box. Every piece is in its own sponge section. I bought it for video interviews and the sound quality is more than adequate for the task. I'd say a bit of a bargain.
Very profesional. Very profesional.
Fantastic Value For Money
I am always looking for cost effective ways to build up my gear collection and when I found this mic I couldn’t resist, I normally use a Rode VideoMicro but it does have its limitations. The M8 is constructed of plastic and as a result is very light but it does still feel nice and solid. It’s really easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes out of the box with the addition of 4xAA batteries which are not included. The volume and channel controls can be found beneath the battery door which is a nice feature as it prevents the buttons from being pressed accidentally. The audio quality has been absolutely brilliant so far and I really cannot fault it for the price.
Fantastic Value For Money

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