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USB condensator microfoon cantilever set

4.9 18 beoordeling(en) KF10.022
&Gratis verzending naar Netherlands, Belgium
  • Merk: K&F Concept
  • Koop K&F Concept usb condensator microfoon cantilever set online, gratis verzending en 30 dagen retourgarantie.
  • KF10.022
  • Model: KF10.022
  • 43.99
Koop 2+ items en krijg 10% korting !
  • • Plug-and-play, rechtstreeks aangesloten op de USB2.0 / type-c-poort, gebruikt om muziek op te nemen, live streaming, enz. Het kan gemakkelijk worden gebruikt in alle computersystemen zonder extra software
  • • Het maakt gebruik van een achterpool-diafragma-microfoon, die een breder geluidsbereik heeft dan gewone electret-microfoons op de markt, met een helderder geluid en een betere geluidskwaliteit.
  • • Intelligente ruisonderdrukking maakt de geluidskwaliteit puur en vol, zelfs in een lawaaierige omgeving.
  • • Cantilever-beugel, verschillende hoekverstelling, geen ruimte innemen
  • • Met nagalmregeling

USB condensator microfoon cantilever set

USB condensator microfoon cantilever set

Beoordelingen (18)
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gift to husband
I purchased this professional microphone for my husband as a dual purpose thing. First, to use for work during all the Zoom calls he has to be on. Second, to record him playing his ukulele. Here's what he has to say about the mic.I really like the actuating arm mount. It's spring-loaded with tensioning bolts and nice thumb screws. It is very easy to have it set so that you can move it and then it stays where you let it go. It is a great balance. Once attached, it feels very strong and secure. No worries about it falling off. I really like that the cable has a USB-A connection with a USB-A to USB-C adapter included so I can just as easily hook it up to either my Mac or my Chromebook. The sound quality is top notch and the noise cancelling really works well. For recording music, the echo feature is cool and fun to play with for nice effects. My only complaint is that I wish the volume level was a bit higher. I pretty much have to turn the mic volume know all the way up and set the input level to max on the computer on the Zoom calls. This really isn't the fault of the mic, but rather the position I choose to use. For a business meeting, I don't like to have the mic right in front of my face since I'm on camera. This isn't at all an issue when I am recording sound tracks. I am very pleased with this purchase.
gift to husband gift to husband gift to husband
Great buy!!
I absolutely love, love, love this microphone! It’s perfect for my podcast. I am looking to reorder another one soon.
Awesome mic!
Bought this to use for game streaming but realized that it can be used for so much more. Now we use it for streaming, voice-overs and recording music vocals etc. Would def purchase more in the future
Great value and quality!
This microphone is amazing! I bought this for my 9 year old daughter for Easter. She had been begging for a professional microphone since Christmas, so I went with this one because it had great reviews and it was affordable.She is most impressed with the sound quality. She says her ASMR videos sound so much better. Her friends can hear her better while video chatting/gaming too. Before she had this, the noise of her siblings caused a lot of frustration while talking to her friends.She is the happiest girl today because of this purchase!
Very nice microphone
Great microphone!My brother loves it for streaming!
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