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GND8 100*150mm Omgekeerde 3 f-stop Gegradueerde Neutrale Dichtheidsfilter

4.7 44 beoordeling(en) KF01.1148
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70,99€ 89,99€ 21% OFF
&Gratis verzending naar Netherlands, Belgium
  • Merk: K&F Concept
  • GND8 100*150mm Omgekeerde 3 f-stop Gegradueerde Neutrale Dichtheidsfilter
  • KF01.1148
  • Model: KF01.1148
  • 70.99
  • • Gegradueerde ND8 (0.9) 3-stops filter gemaakt van Duitse top optische galss, verhoogde optische helderheid en kleurgetrouwheid.
  • • K&F neutrale dichtheid gebruikt exclusieve onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingsgeleidelijke coating, het licht van ultraviolet tot nabij-infrarood licht kan gelijkmatig doorlaten.
  • • Dubbelzijdig optisch slijpen en polijsten om ervoor te zorgen dat het optische hoge parallellisme en glad is om de hoge scherpte van het beeld te garanderen.
  • • Nano-coatinglaagtechnologie, waterdichte, krasbestendige, anti-reflecterende groene coating, effectief voorkomen van olie, vingerafdrukken, krassen, gewaardeerde lens beschermen.
  • • Sta de reductie van licht toe tot een deel van een scène, waarbij licht en donker in balans worden gebracht voor een gelijkmatige belichting (zonsondergang, zonsopgang). Het zou kunnen passen in de Lee-filterhouder en de Z-serie filterhouder van Cokin.
Reverse Graduated Neutral Density
GND8 3 f-stop filter 100 * 150 mm
Voorzien zijn van
Reverse Graduated Neutral Density GND8 3 f-stop filter
en is gemaakt met premium Germany Optics glas.
Optisch glas
Meerlagige coating
Geen lichtafval
Lage reflectiviteit
en antifouling
Hoge lichte
Dubbelzijdige antireflectiecoating
Door dubbelzijdige meerlagige antireflectiecoating kan het gereflecteerde licht
worden teruggebracht tot minder dan 0,4% om de invloed op de beeldvorming te elimineren.
Meerlaagse coating Lage reflectiviteit
Minder schittering veroorzaakt door diffuse reflectie
Waterdicht, oliebestendig, krasbestendig
Met GND8-filter
Verander de belichtingstransitie om de perfecte foto te maken
Zonder GND8-filter
Blootstelling aan hemelovergang is onjuist
Beoordelingen (44)
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Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder
This is the real deal in terms of money and quality !!! Great design, look and feel. Comes with a soft pouch which is nice ,i use this nd on my miami trip With my 16-35 it works fine , this is just a raw files and you can say a test shot with two different wb,
Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder
Good product
Good Product and reliable one
Good product
Very impressive and careful packaging!!
Arrived a day before scheduled delivery, BUT _no_ notice it was being delivered today and we were thinking of going out to enjoy the sunny day! Before you rip the inside black & orange boxes apart: the boxes can be opened from the front pulling from the bottom front edge. Very well-packaged and product presentation! Following instructions within, screwed in the lens filter adapter first, then clipped the filter holder to that. Ring edge away from the orange filter holder tab must be edged in at an angle first, then leveling the filter holder, push the tab to finish the placement. Easy! Practice a few times before going out since IF not mounted correctly, it'll feel as if the filter holder is in place but still isn't. My older 100x80mm filters fit also, so I can still use older filters as needed. Box cutter placed in pictures for size comparison. Will update as necessary when I use it out in the field, BUT I can already see using filters in my future will be a LOT easier and enjoyable!!!
Very impressive and careful packaging!!
Very good price and low light cast
This nd1000 filter is good in terms of its build quality and it also comes with a mount system which is nice. It has little color cast that can be edited later in Lightroom. The mount system is usable but not great enough since it showed light leaking in a few times
Very good price and low light cast
Best Value for entry into 100mm filter use
This is tough to beat. Not only do you get a 100mm GLASS (not plastic) 10-stop ND filter, but you also get the filter METAL mount and multiple METAL lens adapters. Even if you need to buy step-up/down adapters because the ones included do not fit your lenses, this is still a bargain. Even though this comes in at well below the price of other 100mm 10-stop filters (without the mounting system), it performs excellently.My unit doesn't produce any noticeable color cast, but I also shoot solely in RAW, so a color cast wouldn't be an issue anyway. The case for the filter is firm, so I don't worry about it very much when it's in my camera back, and the soft lining keeps the filter safe from scratches (so long as nothing coarse gets inside, of course). Better still, the filter mount features a second slot should you wish to use additional 100mm filters (e.g. graduated filters). I point out the size because this is the "standard" in these filters, rather than the more common 80-something mm ones you see in comparably-priced square ND filter bundles that use smaller, cheaper plastic filters instead.The only issue I found, and this is really just nitpicking at this point, is that the filter mount never really feels very securely attached to the lens. The filter and mount won't fall off if the camera is moved or tilted forward, but the mechanism that attaches the mount to the lens adapter could be a bit tighter fitting in my opinion. Nevertheless, great product at a great price. Anything "better" will be considerably more expensive, and even then, how much "better" will it be?
Best Value for entry into 100mm filter use
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