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TWS Bluetooth Headset Met Microfoon Sport Oorhaak LED Display Draadloze Headset Hifi Stereo Oordopjes Waterdichte Headset

5 55 beoordeling(en) GW53.0050
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27,99€ 45,99€ 39% OFF
&Gratis verzending naar Netherlands, Belgium
  • Merk: K&F Concept
  • Koop K&F Concept tws bluetooth headset met microfoon sport oorhaak led display draadloze headset hifi stereo oordopjes waterdichte headset online, gratis verzending en 30 dagen retourgarantie.
  • GW53.0050
  • Model: GW53.0050
  • 27.99
  • • LED-stroomdisplay: het oplaadcompartiment en de oortelefoons zijn in één oogopslag duidelijk, zodat u zich geen zorgen hoeft te maken dat u vergeet op te laden
  • • Oplaadcompartiment met grote capaciteit: kan de headset 6 keer opladen, met een totale batterijduur van maximaal 24 uur, wat voldoet aan de muziekbehoeften van een hele dag
  • • Geniet van 9D-zware bas: geniet van de HIFI-scène, geniet van het meeslepende 9D-stereo-surroundgeluid
  • • CVC80 intelligente ruisonderdrukking: niet beïnvloed door lawaaierige omgeving, geniet van high-definition oproepeffect
  • • Hangend oorontwerp, of het nu gaat om sport, fitness of buiten fietsen, kan worden bevredigd, geniet van de prachtige muziek tijdens het sporten

Signaal ontvangst afstand: 10m
Luidsprekergrootte 10 mm
Reactie HZ 50Hz-20KHz
Impedantie 32Ω
Oortelefoon Batterij 600mAh
Oplaadtijd 1,5 uur
Oortelefoon Batterij 5u
Productafmetingen: 10,4 * 8,4 * 5,4 cm
productgewicht 175g
Pakketinhoud oplaadkabel*1, oortelefoons*2, oplaadcassette*1, gebruikershandleiding*1"
Beoordelingen (55)
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Very comfortable
Really comfortable and easy to use. Great to see so many buds come with it so can match your size. Doesn’t fall off when I go for my run. I find these much better then others out there. Great gift.
Very  comfortable
Functionality is pretty well for the price
Amazing earphones with a great battery life. Honestly used it for so long and went down to 70%.Simple to pair and easy to use, has a voice prompt which I find better than a ring or tune.Included extra earbuds with different sizes.Personally prefer one which does everything rather than one for gym/running and another for normal use.Honestly it's not bad looking either, looks great tooAlso the button is a physical button which is better than a touch button.Credit Card for comparison.
Functionality is pretty well for the price
Great budget sports earphones
Wanted a comfortable set of earphones to wear while out jogging or working in the garden. These ticked the box with ear hooks that fitted perfectly and comfortably while walking or running around. (Spare ear tips provided too) No issue with wearing these for several hours as they are lightweight and with the ear hooks you won't be picking them up off the floor.The earphone holder is shaped like a large soap, there's an USB-C charging port at the rear of the holder that charges up rapidly. The holder acts as a power bank for the earphones, topping them up as they are docked inside the holder.Pairing was quick and simple on a Pixel 4a Android phone. As soon as the earphones were taken out of the holder, my phone discovered it and paired instantly.Sound is surprisingly good at this price point. Streaming different music genres was good with some mid-range and even some bass.Battery life is around 4-5 hours whereas the holder will charge the earphones 5 to 6 times before charging the holder again.All in all, excellent value for money sports earphones at a stonking good budget friendly price.
Great budget sports earphones
The price and value for money is amazing.
Super comfortable and secure, great sound!
What a bargain! I didn't have the highest expectations for these, as they're so low in price. But boy am I surprised.I wanted some hook over ear headphones for working out, as I find the normal earphone shape isn't very secure when I'm running on the treadmill. But I also didn't want to fork out loads of money for workout headphones.These ticked a lot of boxes - they look good, they come in a nice soft black colour and are not too big. The battery life is rated at 5 hours which is way longer than I work out for, and the case is good for 30 hours total - so this is really great!They're super comfy, secure in the ears and the sound quality is surprisingly great. Due to the silicone tip it blocks out a lot of outside noise too.Overall really happy with these headphones and they make a great addition to my gym bag.

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